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If you are wondering what is the language in that clock, it is Bengali. It is the 6th most spoken language in the world, and International Mother Language Day started as a tribute to this language movement. And the above time translates to 16:37.

If you are starting with Raspberry Pi, or picked up electronics as a hobby, this electronics project can be a nice fit. It can also be a novel gift idea (trust me). Building this project is extremely simple as it uses all ready-made components. …

Kolibri is a learning management system (LMS), designed to run-on low-cost devices. It is so lightweight that it can even run on a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Kolibri is an enriched application which supports plugin architecture and many plugins like epub reader etc., are available out of the box. So, it can be used as a cloud LMS application which shall cater to a small institution or facility.

Aim of this document is to bring the goodness of Kolibri into a public cloud (Azure) as effortlessly as possible.


  • An Azure subscription
  • Familiarity with Azure Resource Manager template

Steps to follow

  1. Start the process either…

Sanmoy Ray

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